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Why so much publicity for Venkaiah?

It is no doubt a matter of pride for the Telugu people that veteran leader and former Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu was sworn-in as the 15th Vice President of India on Friday.

Everybody knows that the post of Vice President of India is just ornamental. At least the post of President has its own importance, because he is the head of armed forces and has the powers to control the bills passed by Parliament. But the Vice President has a very little work to do, except of course as the chairman of Rajya Sabha.

Even in this post, he hardly handles the house for an hour or two, as we have been seeing all these years. Most of the house proceedings are controlled by deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha.

Even on the diplomatic relations front, most of the task is handled by President of India and Vice President is just a figure head.

But, if we look at the way newspapers are flooded with advertisements praising Venkaiah Naidu on Friday, one wonders whether the Vice President post is greater than that of Prime Minister or for that matter, UNO Secretary General.

Normally, such advertisements are given by business people to please the political celebrities with a view to getting benefits from them in future. But Venkaiah is no more a politician and his word will have no value in administration now.

So, what is the point in giving advertisements eulogising Venkaiah? Obviously, it is just a publicity stunt!



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