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Why so much land for private universities, Mr Naidu?

Why so much land for private universities, Mr Naidu?

The indiscriminate allotment of land by the Chandrababu Naidu government to private universities in the new capital of Amaravati is drawing flak from various universities.

The Naidu government has allotted 100 acres each to private universities like VIT, SRM, Mata Amritanandamayi University etc in the capital region at a very nominal rate.

On Thursday,  the government has also announced allotment of 500 acres of land for star hotels. Needless to say, this land, too, will be given for pittance to these rich hoteliers.

The land was acquired from farmers in the name of land pooling by showing virtual heaven in the air for them. Such a costly land is being virtually donated to these institutions for a nominal price.

The question is whether these so-called private universities really need so much land.

Even in developed countries like the US, the biggest universities are located in less than 25-30 acres.

In most places, the universities plan their buildings with vertical growth – each building will be 5-10 storeyed. Even the hostels are multi-storeyed, so that the institutions occupy less space.

One wonders why Naidu, who claims to be emulating the world’s best practices, does not follow this model and save precious land. 

Obviously, these universities are asking for such vast pieces of land to use them as land banks so as to increase their net worth!



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