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Why SCS or Bifurcation Act are not legally binding

Why SCS or Bifurcation Act are not legally binding

When the Centre announced a special package in lieu of SCS to AP, the TDP government welcomed it and even passed a resolution in the Assembly in its favour.

It is this very resolution welcoming special package that figures prominently in the affidavit filed by the Centre in the Supreme Court saying that all promises to AP have been fulfilled.

When the State government of its own accord has said it was happy with a package instead of SCS and even passed a resolution in the Assembly, how then can it speak of being cheated? This is BJP primary defence.

Second, the AP Reorganisation Act or Bifurcation Act states that ‘a railway zone may be accorded to Vizag, a steel plant may be set up at Kadapa, 'may be’ and not ‘shall be’. Therefore, as one can see, the SCS or Bifurcation Act is not legally binding on the Centre.

Morally binding? Oh Yes! Definitely! Did not the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself promise it in Rajya Sabha and later, Narendra Modi?

But Congress intentionally did not include the SCS in the Act in keeping with the crooked nature of Sonia Gandhi and her family and Narendra Modi has in all probability forgotten his days as a tea seller.

Either way, its disappointment to the Telugus. Only their resolve can get the desired results.



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