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Why Rahul Gandhi Is A Big Flop In Hyderabad?

Why Rahul Gandhi Is A Big Flop In Hyderabad?

It is needless to say that there has been a huge following for the campaigns of PM Narendra Modi in Hyderabad. 

Even in the old city, Madhavi Latha, the BJP candidate, is making AIMIM candidate Asaduddin Owaisi wear a saffron scarf and go near Hindu temples. People are there in big number for Madhavi Latha's road shows. 

Thousands and lakhs of people came for Amit Shah's road shows in Hyderabad. 

But surprisingly, there have been no crowds for Rahul Gandhi's public meeting held in Hyderabad. 

Why is it so? 

Did Revanth Reddy fail to mobilize the people? Or is the cadre of Revanth Reddy playing foul to project Revanth Reddy in a weak light? Or do the public themselves lack interest in Rahul Gandhi? 

These questions are making rounds among the political and media circles. 

But the funny part is that BRS is claiming that it is the interest of people in BRS, not Congress, that is evident. 

But the point is it is the effect of BJP, not BRS. BRS' claim might have been considered if the crowds were not seen for BJP as well. But that is not the case.

Though BRS swept the entire GHMC region, the projections and the pulse of the public in this region suggest that the majority are inclined towards BJP.


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