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Why Jalikattu can be compared to SCS

Why Jalikattu can be compared to SCS

How can Jalikattu be compared to special status, fumed Chandrababu Naidu at reporters after his return from Davos.

Taking the cue from him, yellow fans have pitched the same argument on social media, in a bid to stall the spiraling frustration over the attitude of the Centre and the TDP government.

When the Centre can set aside a ruling of the Supreme Court to facilitate the wishes of the people of Tamil Nadu, what prevents it from setting aside the recommendations of the so-called 14th Finance Commission for the people of Andhra Pradesh?

Is the 14th finance commission bigger than the Supreme Court? How in the name of God is Andhra Pradesh going to develop without a special status, given that the entire revenue from Hyderabad has been made over to that fellow KCR?

Some people cite objections from neighboring states such as Tamil Nadu in giving SCS to AP? Had AP protested against lifting the ban on Jalikattu, would that have prevented the Centre from going ahead with the ordinance?

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