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Why Is TDP Silent About Lokesh's Splurges?

Well, AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu surely has a problem on hand. With the pictures that emerged on Facebook, they became a much-needed point for the opposition party YSRCP to finally target Babu on his home turf.

YSRCP’s official representative Vasireddy Padma has finally taken on Chandra Babu regarding the ostentatious lifestyle that his son Lokesh leads.

Though Babu used to brag about the upbringing of his son, he or his party hasn’t bothered to condemn the pictures that appeared on the Net, said Padma. 

Her other allegation was about the programme that Lokesh has taken up similar to Jagan’s odarpu yatra. Still, people have been questioning about waiving of farm loans she said.

Vasireddy Padma was commenting about the pictures that appeared in one section of media wherein Lokesh was spotted partying with women during his US trip.



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