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Why Hasn't Naidu Declared Assets Yet?

Why Hasn't Naidu Declared Assets Yet?

The humiliating defeat of Telugu Desam Party headed by Nara Chandrababu Naidu in the hands of YSR Congress party led by Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in the assembly elections held in April has changed the political scenario in the state.

While Naidu and his party are thoroughly crestfallen, the focus of the people has now shifted to the rule of YSR Congress party government.

The media and independent political observers are keenly watching the performance of Jagan government.

In the process, everybody seems to have forgotten an interesting development that is supposed to have happened by now. It is the annual ritual of “declaration of assets” by Naidu and his family members.

For the last few years, Naidu and his family members have been declaring their assets.

Initially, Naidu used to declare his assets in September for the financial year that concluded in the previous March month. In the last couple of years, the schedule of assets declaration had slightly been postponed.

In 2017, it happened in October and in 2018, it happened in the first week of December. Both times, Naidu’s son Lokesh had declared his family assets, as Naidu was a little busy with his official work.

Every time, the family makes a tall claim that there is the only political family to declare the assets in the most transparent manner.

This year, however, there has not been any word yet from Naidu or his family members on the declaration of the assets.

At least last year, Naidu was busy with political activity because of the election year. But this year, he is virtually free and his son is more or less jobless.

So, there should be no hurdles for the family to declare assets. May be, they need some more time to finalise the figures to show that theirs is the poorest political family!

In fact, last year, Naidu had projected the net worth of his assets at just Rs 2.99 crore. He has liabilities worth Rs 5.31 crore and total assets worth Rs 8.31 crore.

He showed that the amount in his savings accounts worth around Rs 4.8 lakh in banks. Even now, he still owns an Ambassador car of 1993 model, which is worth around Rs 1.5 lakh.

Nara Bhuvaneswari, wife of Naidu, holds net assets worth Rs 31 crore and total assets holds around 53.3 crore.

Lokesh has net assets worth Rs 21.4 crore by March 31, 2018. He holds total assets of Rs 27.29 crore. He has liabilities of Rs 5.88 crore.

Lokesh’s wife Nara Brahmani holds Rs 7.72 crore as net assets and Rs 13.38 crore as total assets. Nara Devansh, son of Lokesh has total assets worth Rs 18.71 crore.

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