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Why Hasn't He Fired Parakala?

Why Hasn't He Fired Parakala?

"The BJP has backstabbed us. They have given us nothing. People will teach them a fitting lesson…blah…blah….blah," says Chandrababu Naidu.

But there is very much a possibility of the TDP joining hands with the BJP again after the 2019 polls, according to political analysts.

Lending credibility to this assumption is the fact that TDP Ministers unwillingly quit the Central cabinet and TDP itself has quit the NDA, but Naidu is still utilizing the services of Parakala Prabhakar as Communications Adviser to his government.

When Parakala’s wife is part of BJP and the Union Defence Minister at that, how can Naidu continue to use his services?

The answer is: Parakala is mediating between the BJP and Naidu and he will ensure that the link between TDP and BJP will not be permanently severed.

Of course, everything eventually will depend on the result of 2019 elections and the number of seats, the BJP gets.

The BJP this time will definitely not get as many seats as it did in 2014, so it would definitely need allies this time around.

Whether it will be the TDP or YSRCP, time alone will tell. But that explains the reason for Parakala’s continuance in Naidu’s scheme of things.



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