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Why Did Jagan Go To London?

Why Did Jagan Go To London?

The sudden decision of YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy to go to London, just a few days before the commencement of his padayatra, has surprised many.

Normally, when a person embarks on such a massive marathon padayatra for 3,000 km, he would like to be physically fit and does not want to strain his body much. But Jagan has chosen to go to London and will return only on November 3.

The very next day, he will go to Tirupati and climb up the hills to have the darshan of Lord Venkateshwara. This itself is a strenuous task. He will then to go Idupulapaya and begin his padayatra from November 6.

At this stage, why did Jagan choose to go to London? According to party sources, he wants to spend some time with his elder daughter who is pursuing her graduation in economics in London School of Economics. This is because he may not be able to meet her till the 2019 elections, as the schedule is tightly placed.

There is also another talk that Jagan might have gone to London to take some special treatment from doctors to get himself ready for the padayatra. It might not be true, as if Jagan has his way, he can summon the specialists to Hyderabad itelf.

Interestingly, Jagan is also spending a day in Abu Dhabi during the journey for reasons known only to him. However, there are speculations that he might be going there on a fund raising mission for the party to face the next elections.

Needless to say, the YSR Congress party has a strong presence in the Gulf countries and the party units in the Gulf are doing the background work for raising the election funds, sources said.



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