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Why Confusion Over YSRC MPs' Resignations?

Why Confusion Over YSRC MPs' Resignations?

Suspense still continues over the resignations of five YSR Congress party MPs from their posts in protest against denial of special category status to Andhra Pradesh with Lok Sabha Speaker Sumithra Mahajan yet to take any decision on accepting their resignations.

Though the five MPs – Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy (Nellore), Y V Subba Reddy (Ongole), P Mithun Reddy (Rajampet), V Varaprasada Rao (Tirupati) and Y V Avinash Reddy (Kadapa) – claimed that the Speaker had accepted their resignations, there was no official confirmation from the Speaker’s Office even on Thursday morning.

The Speaker, who had a talk with all the five MPs individually on Wednesday, asked them to 'resubmit' their resignations so as to confirm their stand once again so that she would be totally convinced of their commitment.

The MPs handed over fresh letters in support of the previous ones to the Speaker's Office by the closing time of the office.

However, there was no official confirmation from the Speaker’s office till Thursday afternoon.

Adding to the confusion, there were reports that the Speaker would be leaving for abroad on a holiday on Thursday. If she does take any action on the acceptance of the resignations, the decision would remain pending till her return on June 18.

As far as the YSRC MPs are concerned, they had done their job as per the Speaker’s instructions. Hence, the resignations are deemed to have been accepted.

“If we want to resort to any drama, then we would not have submitted our resignation letters again at all,” Mekapati said.



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