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Whose U-Turn Is It?

Whose U-Turn Is It?

YS Jagan, Chandrababu Naidu, Mudragada Padmanabham and the Kapu reservations issue. Chandrababu had promised to give reservation to the Kapus in2014.

After becoming the CM, he did not pass a resolution but appointed a Commission to look into the feasibility of providing reservation to them.

He had to go through this entire duplicity as he knew fully well that the Constitution did not permit reservation quota to exceed beyond 50 percent.

Mudragada then accused Chandrababu of cheating the Kapus and undertook several deekshas at his residence in Kirlampudi. Chandrababu foiled them all using police power.

Mudragada then cried in front of the media saying that he and his family were assaulted and abused in filthy language by the police personnel. He ended up lambasting Chandrababu for a complete U-turn.

Now, Mudragada says that Chandrababu is the better choice for getting reservations to Kapus and that Jagan has made a U-turn by saying reservations were not feasible.

Truth of the matter is that it is Mudragada who has made a U-turn. This gentleman is making people sick with his 24/7clamor harping on ‘caste, caste and caste.’

It has been his only identity and like the anti-Andhra policy of KCR, this Kapu reservation thing has been sustaining him for decades now.

Jagan Reddy’s decision might seem like a harsh one now but future generations will benefit from it as they will grow up in an atmosphere of meritocracy and not opportunism.



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