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Who's BJP's Friend? TDP or YSRC?

Who's BJP's Friend? TDP or YSRC?

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan’s decision to allow discussion on the no-confidence motion against the NDA government on Friday led to the allegations and counter-allegations between the Telugu Desam Party and the YSR Congress party on which party is a close ally of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

YSRC’s Rajya Sabha member V Vijay Sai Reddy said the TDP’s notice to the Speaker for no-confidence motion against the Modi government and the Speaker accepting the same was a big drama.

“It is nothing but a game enacted by both the parties. They know nothing would come out it. We are not interested in pulling down the Modi government, as it won’t happen with the motion. We only want special category status to AP and our struggle will continue till we achieve the goal,” Sai Reddy said.

YSRC official spokesman Ambati Rambabu questioned the BJP as to why it had accepted the no-trust motion moved by the TDP now and why it stalled the YSRC attempt in the previous session.

“It clearly shows that the BJP and the TDP are hand in glove with each other,” he said.

On the other hand, the TDP alleged that YSRC MPs had deliberately resigned from their posts only escape from speaking against the Modi government when the debate takes place in Lok Sabha.

“They were aware that the TDP is going to move the no-confidence motion. Then why did they resign? They should have fought against the Centre in the interest of the state. They know that if they were to participate in the debate, they should have to criticise Modi, which they did not want. Hence, they escaped from the House,” TDP MP C M Ramesh said.



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