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Who Raised 'Special' Issue - JP or Venkaiah?

All these days, it has been Union minister for urban development and information and broadcasting M Venkaiah Naidu, who had been claiming that he was the one who had raised the special category status issue during the passage of Andhra Pradesh bifurcation bill.

For that, Venkaiah is now facing brickbats from all sides for going back on the demand and coming out with the special financial package instead of special category status to Andhra Pradesh. Quite often, Venkaiah lamented that he had to face the fire for raising the special category issue.

But, now, Venkaiah can sit back and relax. For, there is a competitor for him to claim patent over the demand for the special category status to AP. It is former MLA and Lok Satta president Dr Jayaprakash Narayan.

He told media that it was he who had first raised the demand for special category status to AP compensate for the losses caused in revenue for foregoing Hyderabad to Telangana after bifurcation.

“The political parties and the government have not been responding to the real issue caused due to loss of revenue to the state. The Centre should compensate for the loss caused due to loss of Hyderabad,” he said.



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