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Who Is Behind Kodandaram?

Who Is Behind Kodandaram?

Within a day of making critical comments against Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman Prof M Kodandaram tasted the ire of the pro-KCR groups including media.

While the Telangana Rashtra Samithi ministers like Jupalli Krishna Rao, Etela Rajender and G Jagadeesh Reddy lashed out at Kodandaram saying he was under the influence of some external forces, KCR fans attacked the JAC leader in the social media, stating that the latter had no locus standi on asking KCR to step down.

“We doubt Kodandaram is dancing to the tunes of the Congress party. The JAC has lost its relevance now and one does know what organisation Kodandaram is leading now. He has definitely become a tool in the hands of anti-TRS forces. How can he say that there is no development in Telangana, when the entire world is looking at the state as the role model,” the ministers said.

KCR fans wondered for whose benefit Kodandaram had made critical comments against KCR.

“One can understand if he makes constructive criticism. But he has gone to extreme by asking KCR to step down and saying that he would show how to rule the state. This is too much,” a KCR fan observed.



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