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Who Did Pawan Kalyan Comment About?

Who Did Pawan Kalyan Comment About?

Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan made some strong comments on Twitter. He made three comments in all.

While two did not make immediate sense, one was clearly about the issue of land grabbing, say political analysts.

In his tweets, Pawan Kalyan said that while some people's thirst for land-grabbing can never be satiated despite amassing thousands of acres, Pawan said his only thirst was to tackle people's problems.

He said a double game was being played where special status to AP was being denied on one hand and threats of jobs being snatched away were being made on the other.

Pawan said it was not enough to adopt a village or two, but it was important to develop the entire state.

Instead of generating employment, if the present jobs are taken away, then it will surely create unrest among people, he warned. And if such a situation arises, then can the powers face people's revolt, he asked.

While the tweets are still being analysed, it is not clear as to who Pawan targetted through his tweets.



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