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Where Was Lagadapati After Pepper Spray?

When any major development happens, certain interesting incidents associated with it get buried and nobody would be bothered to remember them until somebody, who is witness to them discloses.

Remember the infamous ‘pepper-spray’ incident of former MP from Vijayawada Lagadapati Rajagopal?

The incident that happened on February 18, 2014, created a nation-wide uproar; the Lok Sabha was adjourned for a couple of hours before it reassembled to pass the bifurcation bill amidst shutdown of live telecast of the Lok Sabha and suspension of the agitating Congress MPs from Seemandhra.

But nobody bothered to find out where Lagadapati had gone immediately after spraying pepper in the well of the House and it went unrecorded in the history. On Sunday, his former colleague Vundavalli Arun Kumar disclosed it for public.

“The first person to get affected by pepper spray was Lagadapati himself. He collapsed there and he was taken out physically by marshals into a separate room somewhere upstairs. After the House was adjourned, we went in search of him and nobody knew where he was taken. Finally, we could trace him in a room, where he was in an almost unconscious state. We woke him up after a lot of efforts and then, Lagadapati asked us whether the passage of bifurcation bill was stalled,” he said.

Vundavalli wondered as to who had told Lagadapati that he could stop the division of AP by spraying pepper in the House.

“The High Command has already decided to divide the state and the entire Opposition was supporting it. Was it not silly to think that one can stop the passage of the bill by spraying pepper?” Vundavalli asked.



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