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What's the real three-P formula of Naidu?

It is an undeniable fact that Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is a shrewd politician and is very good at managing everything and everybody for his political gains.

And he does not hide anything and opens up everything when it matters. It is for the people to understand what he talks about and what his real intension is.

The other day during the Nandyal elections, Naidu openly asked the voters as to why the government should take up works in those villages which do not vote for the TDP.

“You walk on the roads that I lay and take pensions I give. Then, why don’t you vote for my party?” he asked them openly.

He also gave a direct hint to the voters that he was capable of giving Rs 5,000 per vote, though he said he won’t want to buy votes. But the message had gone into the people about his capacity. And that was how Naidu’s party won Nandyal and Kakinada elections.

On Monday, addressing the party functionaries at the two-day training camp, the TDP president told them that he was following a 'three pronged strategy' for the upcoming elections - public management, political management and poll management and with this strategy, he would like to win all the 175 constituencies in the next elections.

What is the three-P strategy Naidu was actually talking about? According to Naidu, public management is to make the people happy by effective implementation of government programmes; political management is convert this happiness to create a favourable political atmosphere for the ruling party and poll management is to translate this pro-ruling party climate into votes and seats.

But his objective is something else. Public management is to lure the public with populist schemes like announcement of crop loan waiver, distribution of essential commodities and of course, distribution of money among the people; political management is to destroy the opposition camps by engineering large scale defections and luring influential leaders into the ruling party and poll management is to indulge in large scale misuse of money and muscle power, besides resorting to electoral malpractices.

And that is how Naidu won the recent two elections and he wants to repeat the same in the 2019 assembly elections as well!



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