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What Will Be KCR's 'return gift' To Chandrababu?

What Will Be KCR's 'return gift' To Chandrababu?

Political circles are abuzz with discussion over what could be the 'return gift' that Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao would offer to AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu.

After TRS recorded landslide victory in Telangana Assembly polls crushing Mahakutami comprising of TDP and Congress, KCR addressed a press conference in which he said, "I will give return gift to Chandrababu soon. Chandrababu came to Telangana with a gift (Mahakutami) during Telangana elections.

It's my duty now to give him return gift because If I don't give return gift some may think Telangana people lack culture. Chandrababu will soon feel the impact of my return gift."

Ever since, the word 'return gift' came from KCR's mouth, there are several speculations doing the rounds what could be be the return gift that KCR wants to give.

There is a buzz that KCR's return gift will be in two parts to see the end of Chandrababu in AP politics as he is already finished in TS politics.

The first part of the return gift will be opening 'cash-for-vote' case in which Chandrababu and Revanth Reddy are the accused. Make Chandrababu run around courts before crucial AP Assembly polls and damage him personally and politically.

The second part of the return gift will be KCR entering AP politics in support of YS Jagan and help YSRCP to come to power.

KCR along with MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi are planning to tour AP districts and address election meetings in support of YSRCP.

Owaisi will field MIM candidates in Muslim dominated constituencies in AP, win some seats and join hands with YSRCP and become part of YSRCP government, if need arises.



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