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What Next From 'Reloaded KCR 2.0'

What Next From 'Reloaded KCR 2.0'

TRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been giving sleepless nights to his party leaders and also his rivals in other parties in his second term as CM.

Stark contrast is being felt in the functioning of KCR in the first and second terms. In his first term, a cool, quiet and calm KCR was seen, who took enough time to take decisions, drag the things pertaining to party and government.

But in his second term, KCR is making swift moves both in government and party.

On the very first day of winning elections, he created tremors in AP politics by talking about giving 'return gift' to AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu. 

Second day, he took decision all of a sudden to take oath as CM along with Mohd Mahmood Ali as minister designate.

Though other cabinet ministers were not sworn-in, KCR took a decision to allot home ministry to Mohd Mahmood Ali, the first one from Muslim minority section to become home minister after four decades.

Last time, then Undivided AP CM Marri Chenna Reddy made a Muslim, Hashim, home minister in 1979. This decision was announced on the night of Thursday.

On Friday, KCR again sprang a surprise by announcing the appointment of his son K T Rama Rao as the working president of TRS.

Normally, these decisions are announced during party’s plenary meetings. TRS party leaders and cadre were caught off-guard.

They are now tensed on what sudden decisions KCR might take in the coming days.

Speculations are rife that KCR may elevate his son K T Rama Rao as CM just before Lok Sabha polls in April 2019, after he feels confident that he can play crucial role in national politics by taking up political activities at national level from January to March.

They expect KCR’s sudden decision of making KTR as CM similar to that of making him working president when no one expected or there was any dire need to take such a fast decision.

All these factors are prompting TRS leaders and cadre to call CM KCR in second term as ‘Reloaded KCR 2.0” akin to Rajni’s “Robo 2.0”



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