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What Is This Pawan Kalyan?

What Is This Pawan Kalyan?

Stating that AP police arresting hundreds of students who were on their way to RK Beach to protest against Centre over the SCS issue is nothing but an infringement of their fundamental rights, actor Pawan Kalyan said he would organise a ‘Dakshina Bharatiyula Atma gaurava Shantiuta nirasana’ at RK Beach in March. This takes us back to the time when Pawan Kalyan floated the Jana Sena party.

During his inaugural speech, he said, “Whenever Telanganites refer to me or Andhra people as Andhrodu, it pains me a lot as we are all Telugus.” Then, why is the actor now raking up this North-South controversy.

He said people in Tamil Nadu viewed the ban on Jalikattu as an attack on Tamil or Dravidian culture by the North. This is nothing but sheer nonsense! The Centre did not take the initiative to ban Jalikattu.

The Supreme Court ordered the ban following a petition filed by animal rights activists group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which asserted that the tradition violates the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Modi and Co did not convene a meeting and decide that Jalikattu should be banned. And as for the Special category status, it is the primary responsibility of the ruling party to fight for the welfare of the State and get what is promised to it.

Is the TDP doing that? Has it even tried? Has it at least walked out of the relationship with the BJP after the latter went back on its word? No! The TDP only exists for the welfare of one particular community and is least bothered about the State and its well-being.

With strong leadership by the ruling party, SCS is definitely possible! But the TDP itself is thwarting any attempts. Therefore, blaming the Centre and trying to create a north-south divide is extremely unbecoming of the actor who not long ago was extremely pained at being called an outsider in Telangana.



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