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What Does Ramoji Rao Think?

What Does Ramoji Rao Think?

Perhaps, there is no newspaper in the world that openly declares its stance as being opposed to one particular political party.

That is Ramoji Rao’s Eenadu (referred to as Peenadu by detractors) which is vehemently opposed to the Congress and has this feature as its main plan as Ramoji Rao himself had admitted.

He nourished the TDP like a mother raises her child and helped it become one of the strongest regional players in the nation.

Today, things have changed and Chandrababu Naidu is even open to an alliance with the Congress party which was the main reason the TDP and Eenadu had come into existence.

Therefore, does Ramoji Rao remain committed to his bizarre anti-Congress policy or will he support Naidu falling at the feet of Rahul Gandhi?



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