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What Does Pawan Want To Say, After All?

What Does Pawan Want To Say, After All?

There is a saying in typical Hyderabad conversations: “Aakhir Sheik Abdullah kya bolta hai?” (After all, what does Sheik Abdulla want to say?). This saying is used when people do not make out any head or tail what the other person is talking about.

This saying, perhaps, aptly applies to actor and Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan. People who listened to him at the press conference on Wednesday evening, could not understand what he was talking.

First, he said he was repenting for not contesting elections in 2014, so that he could raise his voice strongly now on the injustice done to the state in the central budget and on issues like special category status to AP. In the same breath, he did not express his repentance over supporting the BJP-TDP combine.

Now, Pawan says there is a need to form a Joint Action Committee on the lines of Telangana Joint Action Committee which spearheaded the movement for separate Telangana state between 2009 and 2014. At the same time, he did not give any clarity as to whether he would take the initiative to form the JAC.

He said he would talk to intellectuals like Vundavalli Arun Kumar and Jayaprakash Narayan on the formation of JAC, but he did not give any reasoning as to why he has chosen only those two. Then he said the JAC should be without the ruling parties at the Centre, but later said anybody from any party who feels that injustice is done to the state is welcome to join the JAC. Finally, he did not say when the JAC is formed.

“It is only a proposal. I cannot alone do the job,” he said.

Pawan made a critical comment on the TDP saying there is a unrest among the people on the TDP government in the state and there are allegations of corruption. But he did not utter a word against Chandrababu Naidu.

“Like any other politician, I cannot make personal attacks or wild allegations. If that is called politics, I don’t do such politics,” he said.

So, what do you understand from his words?



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