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What Did Partnership Summit Achieve?

What did Andhra Pradesh achieve during the two-day partnership summit held by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in coordination with the state government at Visakhpatnam on Friday and Saturday?

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu might have claimed that the state would get investments worth Rs 10.50 lakh in the coming years with a job potential of 22 lakh and the state had signed 665 MoUs with various companies to that effect.

However, everybody, including Naidu, knows that it is too distant a dream and the state would be happy even if at least 10 per cent of the investments materialise.

The biggest achievement is for Naidu. He ensured that all the Central ministers and the invitees who attended the Partnership Summit lavished praises on him.

Everybody talked about his vision, his hard work and his dynamic leadership in developing the state.

The biggest compliment was from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who promised that the centre would go extra mile to help Andhra Pradesh. Naturally, the sponsored crowd cheered and applauded him.

Another achievement for Naidu is that no investor, big or small, asked for special category status for Andhra Pradesh, so that they would get incentives.

It gave an opportunity for Naidu to claim that flow of investments has nothing to do with special category status and all that the investors look for is a better industrial climate, rather than incentives from the Centre. In future, Naidu might use this to counter the opposition!



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