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We Don't Want Pooling: AP Farmers Cry Foul

We Don't Want Pooling: AP Farmers Cry Foul

After the ruling TDP proposed that land pooling would be the best option to procure land for the development of new capital city, various reports are emerging that the farmers in the region are totally averse to the idea.

While the idea might work in favour of big landlords, it is being said that it will be detrimental to small and medium range farmers.

In Krishna district, nearly 85% of farmers own five acres or less. A mere 14% of landlords own more than 5 acres of land as per records.

However, some farmers are making quite a bit of money by running nurseries and growing garden plants.

Take the case of farmers in the Tadepalli area. Most of the farmers here have about 2 acres of land. Still, they make around Rs 1 lakh per acre as they run nurseries in their farm land.

One farmer discloses that his land has the potential to give Rs 5 to 6 lakhs in returns and says that the sale price of the land is around Rs 6 to 7 crores.

Like many farmers in the region, he questions how he can be happy if the government intends to give Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per annum under land pooling.

Also, as per land pooling rules, the farmers will get 30% once the development process is complete. But the big question is how long will the development process by the government take? Hence, they insist that land pooling is not conducive to their welfare and are resisting the process.

Given the circumstances, procuring land in the name of developing the capital may not be an easy task for the ruling TDP party.

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