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Watch: This Is How TDP Leaders Share Booty!

Watch: This Is How TDP Leaders Share Booty!

Whenever the opposition YSR Congress party made an allegation that the ruling Telugu Desam Party has been indulging in large scale corruption, whether it is National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme (NREGP) works or in developmental works in rural areas through Janmabhoomi committees, the TDP leaders including chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu strongly denied the same.

Naidu even accused the YSRC leaders of trying to stall the welfare and developmental programmes in the state by making false allegations and lodging fake complaints.

But on Wednesday, minister for animal husbandry in Naidu cabinet Ch Adinarayana Reddy himself admitted that he would get the share in every government work executed in Jammalamadugu constituency.

Not only that, his hitherto arch rival in the district P Ramasubba Reddy would also have equal share in the booty.

He made these comments at a meeting of party workers in Jammalamadugi speaking on a mike.

An enthusiastic worker videographed the same in his mobile and uploaded the same in the social media, and it went viral within hours creating sensation in the political circles.

What is more interesting is that Adinarayana Reddy also dragged the name of Chandrababu Naidu into this murky deal between him and Ramasubba Reddy.

“The chief minister himself arranged a meeting of me and Ramasubba Reddy in the presence of two IAS officers. He told us that whatever work that is taken up in my constituency, I will get half of every paisa that is generated (in the form of commission) and the remaining half would go to Ramasubba Reddy. So, there is no need for heart burn to anybody,” he said.

“I don't care if they criticise me over these matters. But you don’t make any issue out of it. If you want anything, ask me or message me. I am your MLA. I will be a minister only after I cross this constituency," Adinarayana Reddy was seen addressing the TDP cadre of his constituency.

His comments clearly showed how the public representatives of the TDP are sharing the booty with the blessings of Chandrababbu Naidu!



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