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Watch: Naga Babu Appreciates Nara Lokesh

Watch: Naga Babu Appreciates Nara Lokesh

Naga Babu is continuing his video series but in different format. He says he will not target any politician personality but will criticise their political statements.

He named his new video series as Naa Channel Naa ishtam implying that his views are personal and should not be considered as his brother Pawan Kalyan's or should not attribute to Jana Sena party.

In this new video, he picks up Nara Lokesh to ridiculo in his own style. He terms Lokesh as Babu Bangaram and says he is just a kid.

Pointing Lokesh's old statement in which he said that TDP is corrupt party, Naga Babu said Lokesh voiced truth.

Amidst rumors that Jana Sena is all set to have an alliance with ruling Telugu Desam Party, Naga Babu releasing this satirical video on Lokesh is creating confusion among mega fans.

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