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Warangal meet: Tough task for TRS to bring crowds

Warangal meet: Tough task for TRS to bring crowds

In the normal circumstances, it should not be a difficult task for any ruling party to mobilise crowds for a public meeting because it has men, machinery and money at its disposal.

More so for parties like Telangana Rashtra Samithi, which have massive following of people because of its role in the Telangana movement, it is not a difficult proposition at all.

But for the first time, the TRS leaders in Warangal are facing an uphill task for mobilising crowds to the proposed public meeting at Warangal on April 27, on the occasion of party plenary.

The TRS leaders in the district have been given the task of mobilising not less than 20 lakh crowd for the public meeting, to be addressed by party president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

However, the TRS leaders have not been able to get the confidence of mobilising even five lakh crowd, because of stiff resistance from the people.

Unlike in the past, when the people used to respond spontaneously to the TRS call, they are not agitated over the poor implementation of the electoral promises by the KCR government. The anti-establishment wave is strongly building up in Warangal.

At the same time, KCR told the Warangal party leaders that they should take care of the funds for the meeting and there would be no grants from the headquarters.

“I don’t know whether you beg or borrow, you have to spend money on the plenary and public meeting,” he told the Warangal MLAs and ministers.

Most of them, who are already beleaguered due to demonetisation, are not willing to come forward to spend money. As a result, crowd mobilisation might end up a damp squib, say sources.



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