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Wanted: Leaders With Guts For Jana Sena

Jana Sena Party floated by power star Pawan Kalyan will be completing three years by March 14. Till now, there are no other leaders worth mentioning in it and it is being operated by just one man army – Pawan Kalyan.

Apparently realising that he alone cannot wage a battle against powerful political opponents, Pawan Kalyan on Monday called upon the youth to join his party.

“I want leaders who have guts to face any onslaught. They should not fear even if they have to face war tanks. I want the support of young brigade with enthusiasm and zeal to serve people without aspiring for power,” he said.

Stating that he had established the political party only to bring about change in society, Pawan said he was looking for leaders with credibility and orientation to serve people without any selfish motives.

At the same time, he took a dig at the political parties encouraging dynastic politics, without mentioning the names of Nara Lokesh or Y S Jaganmohan Reddy or Rahul Gandhi.

“I am not against children of political parties entering politics. But it should not be treated as a birth right. The leaders should not thrust the dynasty politics on the people,” Pawan said.



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