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Victory or loss, Roja to sail with Jagan!

Firebrand actress-turned-YSR Congress party legislator R K Roja, known for her loud-mouth and aggressive comments against the rivals, went into a shell soon after the results for Nandyal by-election were announced on Monday afternoon.

She did not utter a word, even though critics made some sharp comments against her and some of her own party leaders tried to make her a scapegoat saying her loose tongue was one of the factors that led to the defeat of the party.

She was the subject of attack in the social media for the last two days and some rivals asked her why she remained silent now.

On Tuesday evening, Roja posted some comments in the social media, expressing her loyalty to her party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, who was also dejected after the Nandyal by-poll.

“Whether it a victory or defeat, life or death, I will remain with Jagan and continue to say Jai Jagan till my last breath,” she posted in the social media.

She went on to say: “You are breathing the ideals of your father and have stood by them. When people at the top dictating terms to the country conspired against you, you behaved like a man with guts and established a party to protect the interests of dedicated workers like us. You have not resorted to dirty caste politics and given fake promises.

You never wanted to bask in the glory of others, but fought singlehandedly like a lion. Every minute, you are fighting for the people’s cause. We are with you Jagananna in all your endeavours. We shall be your soldiers in all your struggles.”



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