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VH: How Dare You Teach Me Kissing?

VH: How Dare You Teach Me Kissing?

Senior Congress leader and former Rajya Sabha MP V Hanumantha Rao took serious exception to ace director Ram Gopal Varma for saying that he (VH) was feeling envious of upcoming actor Vijay Devarakonda whose kissing scenes in his latest movie Arjun Reddy have become controversial.

On Thursday, VH staged a dharna at the Censor Board office demanding the removal of objectionable scenes in the film Arjun Reddy which is slated to release on Friday.

He said people would like the movie if the content was good and not because it has kissing scenes.

He found fault with Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for granting permission to the movie posters to be put up on RTC buses alleging that it is causing road accidents.

Taking a dig at Ram Gopal Varma, VH said he did not need any lessons from the director on kissing.

“Yes, I am a thathayya. How dare you ask me to know about kissing by watching the movie? Do you think I don’t know kissing? Are you not ashamed of talking to a thathayya like this?” he asked.

He said he would teach a fitting lesson to Varma for asking the young actor to tear his (VH) clothes, just like he had torn the posters of Arjun Reddy.

“We would intensify our protests if the board won't remove the objectionable scenes from the movie,” he warned.



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