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Useless Acts On Social Media Putting Families In Trouble

Useless Acts On Social Media Putting Families In Trouble

Freedom of Expression is the fundamental right as per the constitution of India. But freedom at what cost? The educated people should understand this and introspect themselves.

Posting the constitutionally blasphemous write ups like criticising the judges and judiciary system is something foolish.

Some people are simply engaged in hate speech and write ups that lead to communal disharmony. Some are more foolish that they simply attack the government crossing the limits and land in troubles.

The bottom line is that the freedom of expression must be utilized within the limits of law and order, which is not happening.

When the youngsters those attack the government systems land in trouble, does any opposition party leader come to their rescue? One thing is clear. The help can come from any side only when the things are within the limits of law. When some things go out of boundary and trap in the shackles of law, nobody will come for the rescue.

The mindless youth and sometimes even those are in their 40s of age are busy on social media posting the write ups crossing the limits and landing in prisons. They should not forget that they have families and the people those depend o them. 

Taking the politics too personal and expressing something with indecent expression and vocabulary, not knowing the law and order is a sign of illiteracy and ignorance. 

Kiran Sharma

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