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TV5 Murthy To Quit Journalism?

TV5 Murthy To Quit Journalism?

If reports doing rounds in the media circles are to be believed, TV5 Murthy, popular television news anchor of TV5 Telugu news channel, has decided to call it quits to the channel.

In fact, going by these reports, Murthy is planning to quit the journalism profession as such on personal grounds. He is learnt to have decided to go to his native village and focus on agriculture.

“For now, he has decided to quit journalism due to personal issues. Though it is learnt he might concentrate on agriculture, the chances of his return to media business at a later stage cannot be ruled out,” a source said.

However, it is not exactly clear how much truth is there in these reports. If they are really true, then it would be interesting to know why he had taken such a drastic decision.

Is he really fed up with the profession or does he have any issues with the TV5 management? Or does he have any political pressures on him?

Murthy has already changed quite a few news channels – he was in and out of ABN Andhra Jyothy channel twice.

He later moved to Maha TV and finally ended up in TV5, where he earned notoriety for his Arnab Goswami-style of journalism.

During his two-decades old career, Murthy has faced both bouquets and brickbats for his blatant anti-Jagan Mohan Reddy government stand and pro-Telugu Desam Party bias. 

There were reports last year that the TV5 management asked him to quit the post due to his aggressive approach in conducting debates on political issues. But they turned out to be false.

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