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TRS Always Second To Congress!

TRS Always Second To Congress!

Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s statement of ‘family rule’ in Telangana, KTR said that the Congress Party speaking of ‘family rule’ is a joke of the millennium.

Rahul Gandhi had said that youth were being completely neglected in Telangana and the only people to get jobs were ‘four members of KCR’s family’. To this, KTR had responded in the above fashion.

What KTR said is true! But that does not mean that what his family is doing is correct! What happened to the TRS promise of ‘one lakh jobs’?

For that matter, when KTR joined the T-agitation, his father had categorically stated that his children (KTR and Kavitha) would not enter active politics after the formation of Telangana.

Similarly, KCR had said that a Dalit would become the first CM of Telangana only to backtrack on his promise later.

And for all his efforts, KCR would still have been left empty-handed had Sonia Gandhi not decided to grant Telangana. So in any aspect, the TRS would always come second to the Congress.

Therefore, KTR instead of laughing off the allegations of Rahul Gandhi should respond to them.



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