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Timing Wrong For Kapu Quota Bill?

Timing Wrong For Kapu Quota Bill?

Has Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu deliberately chosen a wrong timing to provide five per cent reservations for Kapus in education and employment under BC quota?

The answer is yes, according to political analysts.

First of all, the Kapu quota bill comes at a time when the Supreme Court categorically rejecting the decision of the Rajasthan government to provide five per cent reservations to Gujjars on the ground that it would result in crossing of the upper limit of 50 per cent quota prescribed by the apex court in the past.

Secondly, the Centre will have to amend the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution to accommodate Kapu quota bill.

If it does, there will be pressure on the Centre from other states as well, including Rajasthan, seeking extension of reservations beyond 50 per cent.

Already, the Telangana government is threatening to launch an agitation to pressurise the Centre seeking enhancement of reservations for Muslims and also SCs.

Thirdly, the relationship between the TDP and the BJP is on the rocks and the latest Polavaram tenders controversy has also rocked the alliance.

Under these conditions, it is highly unlikely that the Centre will entertain the request of the Naidu government to enhance the reservation percentage so as to accommodate Kapu quota.

Naidu must be definitely aware of all these factors. Yet, he chose to decide on the Kapu quota. He will throw the ball into Narendra Modi court and wash off his hands.

He can now say his government is committed to the Kapu quota, but the final decision is in the hands of the NDA government.

He will write a few letters to prove that he is bringing pressure on the Centre!



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