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Time Slapped On Balayya's Face?

Time Slapped On Balayya's Face?

TDP and Jana Sena became hand in glove openly now to fight against YCP. But the situation is showing some amusing scenes.

Looking at the picture where Balayya wore a kanduva with Pawan Kalyan's photo on it, one may laugh loudly recalling Balayya's past comments about Pawan Kalyan and his party.

He once remarked, "Politics cannot be everyone's cup of tea. Amitabh failed, Chiranjeevi failed. But our blood and breed are different. Politics is only for us. I don't know who Pawan Kalyan is. We are seeing parties with 'alagaa jaati' people these days."

However, today, while wearing a kanduva with Pawan's photo, Balayya states, "Pawan Kalyan and I share the same mentality. We both speak out without any fear. We don't tolerate injustice."

Isn't this the pitiful situation of Balayya, who once boasted about his himself and is now praising someone in a difficult situation? 

Balakrishna, who believes in Astrology, should know that too much of self-pride is always dangerous and one day it might slap on the face. 

Pawan Kalyan doesn't even have a single sitting MLA beside him, and he himself lost the last election. Yet, he now claims that TDP is in a worse position, so he came forward to strengthen the party.

Balayya also seems to firmly believe in this narrative, and so portraying Pawan Kalyan as the savior of the yellow brigade.


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