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This Is Just A Trailer, Pawan Kalyan

This Is Just A Trailer, Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan is furious at the media over the Sri Reddy issue and has called for three channels to be banned.

It’s hardly been a month since Pawan Kalyan severed ties with the TDP and made a scathing attack on the party’s leadership. Since then, everyone has been waiting for the response from the yellow camp and it’s now there for all to see. 

But Pawan asking for a ban of the three channels is a bit extreme. In the first place, his demand is not legally tenable.

Even if he has proofs, the best he can do is to file a defamation case against them. But the most important thing is this: One needs to have immense patience in politics.

The stakes are very high and every day, your opponents will try to bring you down in one way or the other. The concept of ethics is non-existent. 

YSR had no love for the yellow media and neither does his son YS Jagan. On their part, TDP supporters express the same sentiment about Sakshi. This is a never-ending battle.

After YSR’s death, the TDP media was hugely successful in convincing the people that YS Jagan had embezzled Rs 1.5 lakh crore, a propaganda which eventually led to the YSRCP supremo being jailed for 16 months.

A media campaign by the TDP which resulted in Jagan having to spend 16 months in jail. And the campaign continues. Jagan and Vijay Sai Reddy continue to be addressed disparagingly as A1 and A2 in the yellow media. It will never cease even if Jagan quits politics.

The only solution to such attacks is to counter the propaganda with your own media house or reach out directly to the public. Instead, calling for a ban on these channels will just not work.

As elections approach by the day, the attacks on Pawan Kalyan by the yellow media will only intensify. There will be absolutely no leniency, the stakes are too high!

The Sri Reddy incident is nothing at all; in fact it is just a trailer of things to come. If Pawan Kalyan gets upset at the trailer itself, where will he find the patience and courage to go through the entire movie?

The power star would be better off realizing that if he is politics for the long haul, then he better start getting used to such attacks.

Going against the establishment is not a joke and it will be baptism by fire for the Katamarayudu.

Question is: Does he have the maturity to cope with such attacks?



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