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They Would Have Covered Their Tracks

They Would Have Covered Their Tracks

When the Agrigold scam happened, looking at the magnitude of the fraud, the AP government could have straightaway entrusted the case to the CBI. Instead, it dragged its feet over the issue and asked the AP CID to investigate the case.

The High Court on many occasions expressed anger at the lethargic manner of the probe. Finally, the AP government has expressed its willingness for a CBI probe. Since, the contours of the scam expand beyond the boundaries of AP, other States too are expected to send consent letters for a CBI probe.

By the time, all letters are received, some more valuable time would have been lost and the criminals would have covered their tracks well.

Criminals here do not mean the management of Agrigold, but the people who intend to benefit from the scam.

In AP, there are rumors that some of big TDP people have taken over Haailand, the Agrigold resort. Similalry, the names of many politicians have been doing the rounds.

By the time, the CBI probe begins, all these persons would have done everything necessary to walk away scott-free. A CBI enquiry could have been constituted right away by the AP government. Why didn’t it do so?



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