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These Surveys Are Confusing Voters!

These Surveys Are Confusing Voters!

With the Election Commission sounding the poll bugle for the early elections to the Telangana assembly on December 7, the election survey agencies have plunged into action to know the people’s pulse.

Though none of them came out with any survey results so far, various political parties have started leaking their own survey reports in the name of these agencies creating a lot of confusion among the voters as to which survey is correct.

Ironically, none of these surveys is giving a clear picture, as there are not even closer to each other.

While the leaks coming from the social media associated with the Congress say the Maha Kootami or grand alliance will come to power, the survey results being circulated by the pro-TRS groups indicate a virtual clean sweep for the TRS once again.

A survey purported to have been conducted by Today Chanakya, a popular agency, revealed that the Maha Kootami would get 69 seats and come to power in Telangana.

The Congress might not get the absolute majority, but would end up with 58 seats, while the alliance partners would get the remaining 11 seats.

It predicted that the TRS would get 38 seats, while the MIM would get six, BJP four and others two seats.

On the other hand, another survey leaked by the Congress sources quoting popular media houses NDTV and India Today, indicated that Maha Kootami will get 81 seats followed by TRS 28, BJP 3 and MIM 7 seats.

However, another survey leaked by the TRS sources, quoting Flash Team and VDA associates, says the TRS would sweep the polls for a second successive team with 85 seats, while the Congress would get 18, MIM 7, BJP 5 and others 4.

Now, which of these surveys is reliable? Well, one has to conduct another survey to find out the answer!



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