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There Was No Problem When We Procured 7 Lakh Acres

There Was No Problem When We Procured 7 Lakh Acres

Telangana PCC chief Ponnala Lakshmaiah says that in erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh, the Congress party had procured 7 lakh acres of land with the consent of land owners under the 'Jala Yagnam' scheme and at the time it did not create any trouble for all people involved.

He pointed out that since the then government had taken farmers’ welfare into consideration, it did not have any problem.

Ponnala alleged that PM Modi was doing away with all the good work initiated by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to safeguard the interests of farmers following land acquisition.

Ponnala demanded that the Telangana assembly must pass a resolution against the now controversial land acquisition bill introduced by Prime Minister Modi and his government. He also wondered if the KCR government will adopt a neutral stand on the Bill or if it will stand by the farmers and their welfare.



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