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The Sad Situation Of Konda Couple

The Sad Situation Of Konda Couple

It appears that the situation of the Konda couple seems to be in a very sad shape. 

The former minister Konda Surekha and her husband Konda Murali were staunch lovers of the YSR family but just with one reason she parted ways with Jagan and the party. 

Added to that, they joined hands with the same Congress party whom they blasted when they were with Jagan.

Now, Jagan is out from jail and leaders from many parties are preparing their plans to meet him to decide about their political future. 

However, it is heard that Surekha is keeping distance. Due to this, followers of Konda couple are reportedly upset and feel they have taken a hasty decision.

Still, Jagan who is restricted to Hyderabad has reportedly decided to go for a Odarpu Yatra within the city. 

During this process, the Konda couple might be meeting up with Jagan to discuss their plight. There are also reports that they might send their message through Sharmila. But the fear remains that the other YSRCP leaders will ridicule them. Well, politics is a very unpredictable field and one false move can change the whole situation. As you can see, the Konda couple is the best example for that.

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