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The One Thing They Are Lacking In

The One Thing They Are Lacking In

Sujana Chowdary of the TDP hailed the budget as a ‘please-all’ budget and expressed satisfaction over allocations to various sectors. Back home, the TDP is anguished at AP being completely neglected by the center again.

Finance Minister of AP, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu came down heavily on the BJP. He said the Delhi leaders failed to protect the interests of AP.

It had failed to allocate funds for major projects. He said the politburo felt that the Centre did not take measures to extend a helping hand to the state as per the AP State Re-Organization Act.

The Minister said apart from meager allocation of Rs 100 crore to Polavaram project there was no mention of Special Status and railway zone.

The funds given for Central educational institutions was welcome but it does not help the cash strapped state government in any way, he felt.

The finances of the state government are bad and it was facing a revenue deficit and the budget does not indicate anything as to how the Centre would come to the rescue of the new state.

When asked if that were the situation why Union Minister Sujana Chowdary hailed the budget, Ramakrishnudu said it must be because he is part of the Union Cabinet.

Yanamala Ramakrishnudu must be one of the biggest morons in recent times. The Centre has categorically stated on many occasions that they will not give special status to AP or any other state for that matter.

How than can he expect such an announcement? As for the separate railway zone, it would have been announced in the railway budget, not the Union budget.

Ramakrishnudu says that the party leadership would meet again in next couple of days and will decide its future course of action.

He said the government would do all that was necessary to extract all that the state has to get as per the AP State Reorganization Act. This is nothing short of utter nonsense!

There is nothing the BJP is going to give AP under CBN’s rule and the only option left for any self-respecting party is to sever ties with the BJP. The TDP will not do that because that is precisely the one thing they are lacking in!



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