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Telugu Newspaper To Down Shutters?

Telugu Newspaper To Down Shutters?

'Vijaya Kranthi', the Telugu newspaper launched by CL Rajam, in May 2018, is yet to celebrate even its first anniversary but is learnt to be on the verge of closure anytime soon.

Rajam's bad luck in media field continues as Vijaya Kranthi is learnt to be in deep losses and according to sources Rajam is said to have expressed his inability to bear the losses and is keen to shut the shop.

Rajam has set his feet in media field by launching "Namasthe Telangana", a popular Telugu daily, in the midst of peak Telangana agitation in June 2011.

This paper's goal was to enlighten people on the injustice meted to Telangana in Undivided AP and the need for achieving separate Telangana State.

With T-sentiment running high those days, the newspaper was a runaway hit.

However, after formation of Telangana State in June 2014, KCR's close aide Damodar Rao, who was one of the partners in Namasthe Telangana, took over the paper.

It is widely believed that KCR, who became CM in June 2014, exerted all kinds of pressures on Rajam, to leave Namasthe Telangana.

Later, Rajam joined BJP and  launched "Metro India", an English daily in September 2013.  However, this project too failed miserably, forcing Rajam to close down the paper within three years in September 2016.

Rajam made another bid in media field by launching Vijaya Kranthi, in May 2018, a year before general elections in 2019. All top leaders from all political parties, barring TRS were invited for the launch.

Rajam aggressively pursued "anti-TRS agenda" in Vijaya Kranthi till the recent TS Assembly polls with a belief that Congress will come to power.

However, all his calculations went wrong as TRS swept Assembly polls with a thumping majority and retained power.

From Day-1 after coming to power, TRS top heads were learnt to be after Rajam for his anti-TRS campaign in Vijaya Kranthi.

Rajam realised that he cannot run paper without the support of government and without any advertisements and decided to close the paper anytime soon.



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