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Telangana Deputy CM Targets NIMS Director

There is a new fad in Hyderabad and that is if employees do not perform their duties well and are pulled up for it then they immediately claim that they are being victimized as they are from Telangana.

And the politicians are at the forefront in perpetrating this nasty psyche.

Telugu people will be quite familiar with the Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad, popularly known as NIMS.

One of the foremost medical institutions, nevertheless it has always been in the news for corruption, scandals and inefficiency of the staff.

All that changed in September 2013 with the appointment of Dr. L. Narendranath as the Director of NIMS.

So impressive was the progress of NIMS under Dr. Narendranath that KCR sanctioned Rs 200 crore for the development of NIMS.

Dr. Narendranath has been working at NIMS for three decades and is an orthopedician. He has also been awarded the ‘Padma Shree’. However, Dr. Narendranath did not endear himself to the politicians when he did not listen to their requests of appointing corrupt people to key positions in NIMS.

Naturally, the politicians were waiting for a chance to get back at him. Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister of Telangana made a statement that there was information to suggest that Dr. Narendranath had been harassing Telangana staff at NIMS.

Apparently a request has also been made to the ‘Health Department’ to challenge the appointment of the doctor as the director.

The health department was reported to have made it clear that Dr. Narendranath meets all the parameters for appointment as NIMS director.

Dr. Narendranath refused to comment on the statements of Rajaiah and proved his dignity. That such a fine doctor is being targeted by Telanganites for doing his job well speaks for itself.

How low will Rajaiah and other stoop?



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