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TDP MP Collected USD $2M For 2024 Elections?

TDP MP Collected USD $2M For 2024 Elections?

The election season has arrived, and the TDP leaders have initiated their fund collection campaign from their NRI circles in the USA.

Recently, TDP MP Ram Mohan Naidu landed in Dallas, and sources indicate that he successfully managed to collect a fund of US$2 million for the upcoming 2024 elections.

However, this amount is relatively small when considering an election in India. Nonetheless, the TDP leaders are facing unique challenges this time.

While there are dedicated TDP sympathizers among the NRIs who are willing to contribute generously, they encountered three significant hurdles.

NATS, NATA, and TANA events are scheduled to be held in New Jersey, Dallas, and Philadelphia respectively, all within a span of one month from the last week of May to the first week of July.

Many NRIs have already donated funds to these Telugu associations a few months ago. As a result, several NRIs do not currently have the freedom to provide substantial amounts to TDP leaders.

Additionally, some NRIs are skeptical about TDP's chances of victory this time and are therefore stepping back from contributing.

Overall, although Ram Mohan Naidu managed to secure some funds, it should be understood as a collection that has been discounted due to certain perceptions and other factors among the NRIs.


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