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TDP Leaders Making Money From Cockfights!

YSR Congress party on Tuesday accused the Telugu Desam Party leaders of making money through gambling and betting, besides illegal activities in the name of cockfights, so that they could use the money in the next elections.

Speaking to media, YSR Congress Party spokesman Ambati Rambabu accused the Chandrababu Naidu government of ignoring the Supreme Court directions and high court order and allowed the conduct of cockfights in violation of the guidelines.

“The Supreme Court guidelines clearly said cockfights could be held in a traditional manner without tying knives and blades to the roosters. And there should not be any betting on cockfights. Yet, the TDP leaders violated all these guidelines and indulged in large scale gambling by organising violent cockfights,” he alleged.

He said in many areas, the TDP leaders openly participated in the cockfights by using knives and the police had to remain silent spectators.

“This is atrocious and illegal,” Ambati said.

He alleged that hundreds of crores changed hands in the last three days in the name of traditional game.

The YSRCP leader demanded that the police take immediate action on the TDP leaders who are making money in the name of traditional practice.



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