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TDP Leaders Behind Chicago Sex Racket?

TDP Leaders Behind Chicago Sex Racket?

It appears YSR Congress party does not want to lose any opportunity at all to attack the Telugu Desam Party and its president chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

On Thursday, YSRC dragged the TDP and Naidu into the Chicago sex trade racket that was busted by the federal police recently. YSRC official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma alleged that the accused in the US sex racket had close links with the TDP.

“We strongly suspect that the racket was being run with the active support of the TDP leaders. Naidu has dragged the reputation of Andhra Pradesh and India in the US streets,” she alleged.

“Telugu Association of North America (TANA) Satish Vemana was a close associate of Chandrababu Naidu. And TANA’s former president Komati Jayaram is a TDP leader and Naidu appointed him as the representative of Andhra Pradesh in North America. While he has done nothing for the Telugu NRIs in the US, he is allegedly indulging in such rackets,” Padma said.

Quoting the Chicago police’s charge sheet, the YSRC leader said the police had interrogated Satish and representatives of other Telugu associations.

“I don’t think this racket would not have been run without the collusion of Satish and other TDP leaders,” she said.

Padma reiterated that the TDP and Naidu had no concern for the dignity of women.

“When our party MLA R K Roja raised the issue of Call Money sex racket, she was suspended from the assembly for a year. But now, it is pretty evident that the TDP leaders themselves are involved in the sex racket in the US. The Naidu government is trying to protect them by extending all help,” she alleged.


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