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TDP internal surveys also not optimistic?

TDP internal surveys also not optimistic?

After polling concluded in the early hours of Tuesday for the AP assembly elections, TDP leaders have been stating that the days of the Jagan government are numbered and that Chandrababu is set to return to power in the state.

However, sources close to the party indicate that internal surveys conducted by party intelligence across the state have not provided an optimistic outlook for the party leadership, and they have not dismissed the possibility of the YSRCP returning to power for a second consecutive term.

It appears that the TDP leadership assigned the task of conducting exit poll surveys to different party units without revealing their party affiliation. These units then visited various constituencies to gauge the voters' sentiments immediately after polling ended.

"Most of the surveys have indicated that the TDP-Jana Sena Party-BJP alliance might just scrape through in the elections, winning around 100-105 seats, if not more. Only one survey suggested that the alliance could win around 115-120 seats," a TDP source mentioned.

However, there were also reports from some TDP groups that the YSRCP could win 95-97 seats.

"It seems that women and lower middle-class sections largely favored the YSRCP. Their poll management was also better than that of the TDP," he added.

Naidu, however, is optimistic that there has been silent support from the youth and upper middle class in urban areas for the TDP.

"Even if it's 3-5 percent, the TDP will come to power," he reportedly told party workers.

In any case, these are all speculations, and some clarity will emerge by the evening of June 1, when media houses release their exit polls.


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