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TDP-BJP Fight Reaching Climax!

TDP-BJP Fight Reaching Climax!

The cold war between the Telugu Desam Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party seems to have reached a climax with the ruling party intensifying its attack on the Centre for non-fulfilment of the promises made in AP Reorganisation Act.

The agitation held by TDP leaders in Visakhapatnam displaying flex banners criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party workers wearing Modi masks with leaders bending their heads was the height of confrontation between the two parties.

BJP sources said it was only after the local leaders brought it to the notice of the Centre that BJP national president Amit Shah skipped the meeting with the TDP delegation in New Delhi on Monday evening. That resulted in the deadlock of talks between finance minister Arun Jaitely and the TDP delegation.

With the TDP leaders stepping up attack on the Centre, BJP MLA P Vishnu Kumar Raju strongly condemned the attempt of the TDP leaders to insult the Prime Minister by resorting to cheap protests. He demanded that the police book a suo motu case against those insulting the Prime Minister.

“We are remaining silent because of the friendly relations with the TDP. But, if we open our mouths, the TDP would not get a place to hide,” he said.

He also slammed the TDP leadership saying they have given MLA posts to ruffians and goons.

And Naidu himself retorted strongly in the assembly.

“This is not the question of TDP-BJP fight. If you have any concern towards the state, please go to Delhi and pull up the Centre. We are fighting only for the state interests. What we are asking is nothing extra, but only what was promised in the Parliament. Let the Centre give the same, we shall keep quiet,” he said.



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