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Swamy: 'Rajini's Illiterate, Corrupt'

Swamy: 'Rajini's Illiterate, Corrupt'

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Sunday dismissed Rajinikanth’s political entry as “media hype”, calling the actor “uneducated” and “corrupt” 

"Rajini is an uneducated man. What will he tell us? This is a just an age-old story of another Tamil actor joining politics. I will always oppose Rajinikanth. Tamil Nadu's image can only improve when it gets rid of cinema stars. He has still not announced a political party," said Swamy.

The Rajya Sabha MP also claimed that Rajinikanth was nothing more than "media management" and called upon his party leaders to “realize” that the actor would not align with the BJP.

"This is a joke, Tamil Nadu requires something serious. The mood in Tamil Nadu is to get rid of all the film stars in politics. Rajini is entering politics at the wrong time and place. He should be worried, in fact, that all his black money trail will come into the limelight. The people of Tamil Nadu will not fall into Rajini fan clubs' song and dance. Fans club cannot become a political outfit," added Swamy.

Earlier in the day, Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics and said he will launch his own party. "I am joining politics for sure," the 67-year-old said amid thunderous applause from fans.

Quoting a shloka from the Bhagwad Gita which stresses on the importance of doing one's duty and leaving the rest to the Lord, he said, "This is the compulsion of time."

Addressing fans here on the valedictory of a six-day-long meet, the actor said he will launch a political party which will contest all 234 assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu.

He said the party will be launched ahead of assembly elections at an appropriate time.

The policies of the party will be taken to the people, he said and added that truthfulness, hard work and growth will be the slogan of his party.

"Do good, speak and only good will happen," will be the guiding slogan, he said.



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