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Strange Reason Assigned By DS

Strange Reason Assigned By DS

In his resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi, one of the reasons mentioned by D Srinivas is really strange. He says that the bifurcation has adversely affected the image of the Congress. 

Now, this is true in the case of Andhra Pradesh. But bifurcation is a positive result for the people of Telangana. So, being a Telangana Congressman, DS saying that it had a negative effect on Congress is really strange. 

In fact, it is symptomatic of the Congress’ inability to cash in on the goodwill generated by granting statehood to Telangana.

The Party for want of dynamic leadership allowed KCR to walk away with the credit. In all fairness, the Congress Party has been more than kind to DS.

He has been an MLA, MLC, Minister, Council Opposition leader and two times-PCC President. But he sulked at the recent MLC ticket being given to Akula Lalitha instead of him. KCR has offered him an MLC seat or a MP seat for Rajya Sabha.



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